Mudd-Ox excel in the delivery of extreme off-road mobility, making light of the most demanding of roles in the most challenging of terrains whilst offering the ultimate in control, usability, safety and performance. Our hydrostatic and T-20 equipped machines set standards that others strive to match. Mudd-Ox capabilities include:

  • Fully Amphibious including flood Mobility – operations in water or across destabilised terrain
  • Soft Going – Deep Mud, Swamp and Marshy Terrain
  • Rugged Terrain (excellent ground clearance)
  • Traverse over rocks and obstacles
  • Precision hill climb and descent
  • Deep Snow (6’ plus) and Ice with tracks
  • Loose sand and dunes
  • Hot & cold extremes
  • Multi-passenger – up to 6 in safety and comfort
  • Load carrying – haul Trailers and Supplies
  • Air movement – underslung or stowed
  • Multi-Terrain – all of the above, seamlessly, with minimal reconfiguration ‘out of the box’

Mudd-Ox are an 8-wheel all terrain vehicle, or as we like to call it, an ultra terrain vehicle, as there is no surface this machine cannot dominate: hills, mud, dirt, sand, snow and water.

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Our accessories help you extend the functionality of the already highly capable base machine. You can improve your comfort or simply style your machine.

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